Two weeks ago I announced my 2013 photography workshop schedule. I am happy to announce that I am adding to my 2013 photography workshop schedule. I have decided to include a Night Photography Workshop on August 10th, 2013.

Light Show - Trent Woods Photography - Night Photography Workshop

Night Photography Workshop Details

August 10th lines up to be a great date for a Night Photography Workshop.  Why is this date so great for a Night Photography Workshop you ask.  Well, the new moon is on the 6th of August thus limiting the amount of light pollution for the moon.  The second reason that August 10th works out to be a great date for a night photography workshop is that the Perseid meteor shower peaks on the 12th of August.  Meaning that there should be a good chance to catch stunning pictures of the Meteor shower as well.  The Perseids are arguably the best meteor shower of the year.

The cost to attend this workshop is $100 per person when you signup before the 1st of March, if you signup after that date the cost goes up to $125 per person.  The group will be meeting anytime after 7 pm (Instructors will be there by 7 pm).  With sunset at 8:31 pm, the group will be able to mingle and learn about each other before the night’s activities really get rolling.

Topics Covered

During the course of the evening and throughout the night we will be exploring topics such as Light PaintingStar Trails, Photographing the Milky Way, Playing with lasers and Flashlights to create effects, and exposing for a subject in combination with the night sky.

Lasers and Flash Lights - Night Photography Workshop - Trent Woods Photography

Needed Equipment

You will absolutely need to bring the following items…

  1. Camera with a Bulb setting (the ability to leave the shutter open for more than 30 seconds)
  2. Tripod
  3. Proper footwear
  4. Proper Clothing to be out all night

Optional Items to make your life easier and the workshop more enjoyable

  1. Remote shutter release
  2. Flashlight(s), off-camera flash(s), laser(s)
  3. Things that are fun to play with at night

Workshop Location – Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Reserve

In 1999 Torrance Barrens was designated by the government of Ontario, as the worlds first dark-sky reserve.  With Torrance Barrens being a signification distance from any urban light sources and the lack of cottages or homes in the area provides an unsurpassed location to avoid light pollution while viewing the night sky.  The topographical features of Torrance Barrens are neither low nor high.  Which means that there are no hills in the distance, or towers to obscure the view of the sky.  Additionally, one of the most dominate features Torrance Barrens is the granite rock.  The granite does not transfer vibrations from the surrounding ground.  All of these features combined make it one of the best places in Ontario for astronomy and night photography.

Guest instructor(s)

Star Tails at Torrence Barrens Dark-Sky Reserve – By Paul Bruch

Paul Bruch will be joining this workshop as an instructor.  Paul has many years of night photography experience, for the attendees to learn from.  Paul’s Flickr photostream showcases his diverse experiences and talents as a photographer.

With my fingers crossed I am trying to get a third instructor for the night.

The Night Photography Workshop is going to be a great time.  To signup for this workshop click here or to see any of the other workshops that I will be hosting visit the Trent Woods Photography Workshops Group.

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