Back at the end of December, I found myself contemplating doing Project 365.  For those of you that are not familiar with Project 365, you attempt to take one photo a day to document your life over a period of 365 days.  I had some reservations about starting the project so I posed the question on my Facebook wall.  “does a project 365 improve your photography?”  With that posted the fireworks were ignited.

The reason that I was interested in doing my own project 365 was to encourage (read force) myself to look for more photographs in my everyday life.  Hoping that over the course of the year that I would be able to see more photographs. An added benefit was developing my photographic style even further, after finally having “holy crap I know how I see photographs now” moment back in the fall.

There seemed to be two dominant opinions as to how one should execute a project 365.  The first view was that you are taking one photo a day to document your life over the course of a year.  Plain and simple the photo does not have to be great or even interesting for that matter.  You just have to take a picture of something during the day and post it to your projects webpage (, Tumbler, 365Project, etc).

The second most popular opinion was that you are to take a photo that is a piece of art each and ever day of your project 365.  This is the project that I had in my head, and I was going to try to execute.  After I articulated that I was trying to produce a work of art every day for a year, I realized that I was nuts!  If I was a full time photographer I realize that making a work of art would be my job everyday but attempting to take a photograph everyday that was truly a work of art is setting myself up for failure right from the start, due to the fact that I have a day job.  Unless…

Ultimately I believe that you need to execute a project 365 the way that you want to.  Personally I think the solution lies somewhere between a photo to document my life over the period of a year and producing a work of art each and every day.  As you have likely put together from this post I ended up deciding not to do my own project 365 this year, but there is always next year 🙂

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