As some of you may have seen in my twitter feed last weekend I received a package in the mail from Lowepro.  When I first saw the envelope I was truly unaware of what Lowepro could be sending me, which made me quite excited.  I then remembered that I had filled out an application to become a Lowepro preferred photographer about a month earlier.  When I opened the envelope  I discovered a Lowepro Preferred Photographer luggage tag.  As you can see from the photo below, the tag now proudly hangs from my everyday Lowepro CompuTrekker AW.  In this post, I hope to answer some of the questions that I received after my tweet.

Lowepro Preferred Photographer Tag

What is the Lowepro Preferred Photographer Program?

The program is a way for Lowepro to thank photographers for using their products, at the same time it also helps to build brand loyalty.

How do you become a Lowepro Preferred Photographer Program?

lowepro preferred photographer signup

You can start the process of becoming a preferred photographer by heading over to the application page.  Obviously the more detail you give the better your chances of becoming a member.  You should note that one of the required fields is your website, so you will need to have at least some of your images online.

What are the benefits?

According to Lowepro once you are a member of the preferred photographer program you will receive “information and invitations not available to the general public”.  What that information is and what the invitations are for remains to be seen, but I have only been a member for about a month.  By doing a quick google search I found a newsletter that members have received in the past.  The newsletter contains information on new products, tips, webinars, and more.  Another rumoured benefit of being a member is that if you review a Lowepro product, and notify the company, they will send you a “thank you”.  So if you see a camera bag review on the site you know why 😉

My hope is that this post will help clear up some of the mystery that seems to surround the Lowepro Preferred Photographer Program.

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