There are many different Photography Plugin Suites on the market today.  Most if not all photographers incorporate these plugins suites or preset into their workflow.
These are the top three photography plugin suites according to me…

Nik Collection

Nik Collection by Google Photography plugin suiteOriginally established in 1995, Nik was bought by Google in 2012.  At which time Google quickly stopped selling the individual plugins, and drastically lowered the price of the entire Nik Collection to just $149.  Another plus, with Google now owning the Nik Collection of Photoshop plugins is that you will likely never have to pay to upgrade to the latest version of the plugin suite.


onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite

onOne Perfect Photo suite Photography plugin

Founded in 2005 onOne’s photography plugin suite is touted by some of the biggest names in photography today including, Vincent VersaceRick Sammon, and Scott Kelby.  onOne’s photography plugin suite has the ability to work as both a standalone application, as well as with the most popular photo editing programs.  onOne seems to have a major version release of it’s suite every two years or so.  When the suite is upgraded onOne always provides a very affordable option for owners of older plugin suites.

Topaz Labs Complete Photography Collection

Topaz Labs Complete Photography Collection is a very large plugin suite with 14 different apps included.  With that number of applications included in the plugin suite, comes the highest price, but it’s still a great value.  Another big plus for Topaz labs is that ALL of their plugins can be purchased individually.  Topaz Labs Complete Photography Collection also provides upgrades to the latest version of their software at no cost to current owners.  Even though it might be the highest priced plugin suite, with the number of plugins you receive and the fact they offer FREE upgrades makes this plugin suite a tremendous value.

Photography Plugin Suite Comparison Chart

Nik Collection Perfect Photo Suite Topaz Labs
Claim to Fame Tonal Contrast Perfect Resize Clarity
# of Apps in Suite 7 8 14
Features Classic lens and film effect
Creative effects/presets
Black and White
Selective Colour Adjustments
Noise Reduction
Effects and Presets
Enhance and Adjust
Portrait Adjustments
Re-size Digital Images
Black and White
Photo Browser
Layers without Photoshop
Image Masking
Effects and Presets
Contrast Enhancement
Black and White
Lens Effects
Selective Adjustment
Selective Focus
Detail Enhancement
Digital Art and Painting
Shake and Motion Blur Reduction
Noise Reduction
Lighting Effects
JPEG Artifact Reduction
Use With Photoshop
Photoshop Elements
Photoshop Elements
PaintShop Pro
Photo Impact
Serif Photo Plus
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for 15% of Topaz plugins
Price $149.99 $299.95 $379.99


I have personally used all of these photography plugin suites.  There are parts of each photography plugin suite that I absolutely love.  Try each plugin suite out and figure out which suites or products suite your needs best.