Fall is here, and that means fall fairs are happening every weekend around the region.  Part of many fall fairs is the Horse Pull Competition.

Horse pulls are one of the biggest crowd pleasers at any fall fair.  Entries consist of a pair of horses, and a teamster. There are usually two classes that the teams of horses draw in, the light (up to 3200 pounds) and heavy (over 3200 pounds).

One team at a time the horses are hitched to the sled.  Blocks of concrete are added to the sled for additional weight for a total starting weight of around 1500 pounds.  Depending on the competition  The team maybe required to draw the sled 12, 15, 20, or 26 and a half feet, at which point the draw is considered a full pull.  If the sled stops its forward motion during a pull, the team must unhook,  a measurement is taken to see how far the team was able to pull the sled.  The team may then re-hitch and and attempt to complete the pull.  If the team is not able to complete the pull their final ranking is determined by the amount of weigh pulled and how far they were able to pull that weight.  After all teams have pulled additional weight is added to the sled.  The pull continues until only one team remains.

If you have never see a horse pull, it really is something not only to see but feel and hear.  When the teams start working to pull the sled you can feel the ground shake when they plant their feet.  At this particular horse pull the winner of the light category had a full pull of 8300 pounds, while the last team standing in the heavy class had a successful full pull of 8500 pounds.

To find a Horse Pull near you please visit the Central Canadian Horse Pulling Association