As one of only three photographers to be accepted to the 2012 Franklin Carmichael All-Ontario Open Juried Landscape Art Exhibition, Trent Woods’ work emphasizes texture, and tonality. Living and working in the Simcoe County and Muskoka area for his entire life has cultivated a passion to discover hidden gems close to home which has contributed to his body of work as a Photographer. Trent’s familiarity with the area brings an intimate feeling to his images.

After discovering Geocaching in 2004 Trent’s passion for photography was reignited. In 2008 Trent took his second step toward becoming a serious photographer by returning to college and subsequently graduating from Georgian College’s Photography program. In 2011 Trent launched, a website dedicated to the discovery and photo documentation of unique and interesting things to experience all around Simcoe County. Since the launch of the site has morphed into what you see today.

Trent has Invested thousands of hours honing the skills need to be a successful photographer, and continues to develop his skills, and style with each photo he takes.